…some Christians have become so accustomed to baby food that they no longer desire the stronger food.  J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays, and Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Mark L. Strauss, Grasping God’s Word, Kindle location 51

Several years ago I started something I called “Word of God Unplugged” (WOGU) as an attempt to “unplug” Scripture from the assumptions we bring to it when we read and study it.  My goal was to look below the surface-level truth of Scripture and beyond the feel-good demeanor of many contemporary devotional materials.

Beginning this month, I am reviving the ol’ WOGU series beginning with Matthew.  My goal, once again, is to move beyond soft and easy to digest “baby food” to some “stronger food”–full of nutrients, long-term health benefits, and, at times, in need of being chewed on for awhile.

My approach to Matthew will be influenced by several factors:

First, as a teacher of practical theology, I aim to get at some of the deeper and meaningful levels of understanding found in Scripture.  Second, as a missional practitioner, I desire to share these truths in ways that are easily understandable and meaningful to all of us in in our contemporary context.  There will be a strong practical leaning in my approach.  Third, as a parent, husband, and friend my hope is that each WOGU posts help all of us to create and maintain better relationships with in our families, our local congregations, and in our world.  Finally, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, my hope is to grow in my faith and go on this growth journey with you.

In the end, my hope is that through the written Word we will all grow deeper in our understanding of and relationship with the Living Word, Jesus Christ, as we grow more and more in his image and find our own lives more and more reflecting the Kingdom values he lived out on this earth.


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