Why start with such a boring list, Matt?

As I continue to read Scripture, learn from others, and experience day-to-day life on this planet, I continue to realize that there are mountains of fascinating insights, deep meanings, and undeniable truths lying just below the surface of the words and stories of Scripture--hidden gold just waiting to be discovered.  Even the genealogy of Matthew, much to my surprise, was full of a few crazy-fun and meaningful nuggets of truth. ...  Keep reading

Matthew 28:18–By the authority vested in me…

And one thing is for sure; when Jesus spoke to his eleven disciples there was not a single ordained pastor, Sunday-school teacher, song leader, church board member, televangelist, Christian aid worker, Christian musician, Christian author, or any other sort of "high-profile" Christian worker among them. They were just ordinary guys like you and me. Ordinary, except for the fact that they had learned to walk with Jesus. ...  Keep reading