What if…

What if Peter, after turning his back, would not have come back to Jesus?  What if Peter just ran away never to be seen again or, even worse, had followed the path of Judas, and ended his own life?  What if Judas had not ended his life?  What if Jesus had the opportunity to stand face to face once again with Judas, as he did with Peter? ...  Keep reading

Joseph’s brief moment in the spotlight

Had a gospel been written by someone who knew Joseph and Mary and family while the kids were growing up (Can you imagine what a story that might be?), we might see what a significant influence these two faithful servants of God were on their children, including the child Jesus as he grew and matured.  There is no proof of this, but I can't help but see reflections of Joseph's treatment of Mary prior to their marriage, when she was found to be pregnant, in the attitudes and actions of Jesus toward the women who crossed his path.   ...  Keep reading