Joseph’s brief moment in the spotlight

Had a gospel been written by someone who knew Joseph and Mary and family while the kids were growing up (Can you imagine what a story that might be?), we might see what a significant influence these two faithful servants of God were on their children, including the child Jesus as he grew and matured.  There is no proof of this, but I can't help but see reflections of Joseph's treatment of Mary prior to their marriage, when she was found to be pregnant, in the attitudes and actions of Jesus toward the women who crossed his path.   ...  Keep reading

The World is My Canvas!

"Do I really have the permission to call the world around me my canvas? Do I have the freedom, the audacity, the creativity, and the imagination to wade in and create on that canvas? Or am I nothing more than a detached observer?"  [Paul Richardson, A Certain Risk, p. 109] We’ve been taught so often in our own cultural that to seek God is to seek solitude, peaceful settings, and quiet time. These are all good things. But I wonder, too, if sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we also meet with God in a very real way when we are sweeping across the canvas of our community and our city; that in our interactions with people we not only find ourselves thinking about God, but we begin to commune with him on a deeper level by actually walking with him. ...  Keep reading