Prayer Update: MJ

Oct 8, 2017 — Thank you for your prayers for MJ.  She had a good afternoon yesterday, a good nights rest seems much more herself today.  🙂

Oct 5, 2017 — Please pray for Little MJ as she’s been not feeling well the past couple of days–watery eyes, upset tummy, and not sleeping well. Of course, she still smiles whenever she sees her Daddy…(how is it that babies can cry and laugh, be happy and miserable at the same time)…but she is clearly not as happy as she was when this photo was taken earlier in the week.  [Posted in private FB group]

2 Replies to “Prayer Update: MJ”

  1. I love your guys and miss seeing you so much. You are so precious to me. I am still in the wheelchair and am still trying to walk again. You might keep that in your prayers. When will you be coming back home? I want to see you. Give the kids a big hug from me and tell them and yourselves I love you. Marilyn

  2. Thank you, Marilyn, we love you too. We will let you know when the next time we plan to be within shouting distance! 🙂

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