Wait…be still

Patient, anxious to see the whole picture, God lets us seeping slowly, quietly. The church [has] to learn how to wait.

Pope Francis

Waiting.  That’s so….un-American….un-modern…un-fun.  Nobody likes to wait.  The well-known phrase “I want this yesterday” (and other variations of the sort) point out the extreme value we place on the now, the fast, the instant, the my-value-is-defined-by-how-busy-I-am culture in which we live.  

Rather God reminds us to “be still.”

Still?  What does that get me?  How does that move me along the path of where I want to be?  How does that help me utilize the finite number of minutes (or even seconds) that have been allotted to me on this earth!

Wait…be still…be patient…

It’s not the path of productivity.  It is the path of life.


Originally posted 2016-02-02 10:10:13.

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