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Coffee beans in Sumatra
Coffee beans in Sumatra

Life can get busy.  Life can be hard.  The daily routine can be a grind.  Living in a city that nobody really visits on purpose (no, it’s true, this is not a place that is on anybody’s bucket list–anybody) days can be filled with a any number of frustrations, difficulties and inefficiencies.

We find ourselves in situations we don’t like all the time; situations that make us uncomfortable (which in my case means sweating profusely) or unsure of which direction to turn, who to follow and how to respond.

Cold Coffee Cup offers a bit of perspective–

So no, not all of these answers have been an exact replica of my own life, but sometimes I feel that panic and that complete lack of knowing and it’s not a happy place to be. But there does come a point where you just have to smile at people and tell them that you really haven’t figured it out yet. Sometimes it’s good to actually listen to their advice. Spend some time in the moment. Enjoy the people and things around you.  SAVOR YOUR COFFEE WHILE YOU’RE DRINKING IT. SAVOR YOUR ADVENTURES WHILE YOU’RE NOT.  

Source: Savor Your Coffee…And Your Adventures

Listen and learn.  There might not be two more important things that we can do in any situation and in every season of life.  Be present…remembering that wherever you go, there you are.  It really is about people more than it’s about me.

I do…I try…to savor my deep, dark Sumatran coffee.

Likewise, I try to savor the times when I”m out with people.

Coffee needs time to brew before it becomes what it needs to be.

So, too, we need time “brewing” in this world of ours in order to become a pleasing aroma.  That takes time…and patience…and love…for God…for people.

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