Responding to Michael Moore

I don’t hate Michel Moore.  I don’t even really know him.  What I say here is not a personal attack.  In fact I believe that what he is doing comes from a good place.  I don’t, however, believe that what he said is the right way of going about what he is trying to accomplish.

Here is the original post, which you should read before you go on.

I understand perfectly what was described in the letter–about us all being one in our humanness–but the statement “We are all Muslim” by itself carries much deeper insinuations, just as the statements “We are all Christians,” ” We are all Swedish,” or “We are all Homosexuals,” or “We are all White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant-Males” would.  Such statements devalue and blur the lines of diversity.  Diversity is not the enemy.  Diversity is the beauty of this created world and of humankind.  Mistreatment of people because they are different than us is the problem.

From a Muslim perspective a statement such as “We are all Muslim” is not something to be said lightly. You are a Muslim if you can, with a pure heart, state the Shahada (there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet). A belief in “nature or whatever” cannot be substituted. You are not Muslim unless you pray the prescribed prayers at the prescribed times throughout the day, fast during the month of Ramadhan, pay your zakat (alms) to the poor, and go on the pilgrimage to Mecca, if able.

I understand that perhaps you are intending to speak more of Muslim culture than religion. In that case, too, it is simply untrue that all people are Muslim, just as not all people are Cultural Christians or Hispanic or Spanish. We are not all the same, and most of us don’t want to be. Our uniqueness is a wonderful and beautiful thing. What we do have in common is that we are all human, created by God and loved by God.  You are absolutely right in your stated understanding that as humans we stand together as one.

Yes, in our humanity we stand together as people with unique skin tones, languages, cultures, faiths and personalities. The message Trump needs to hear is not a non-Muslim claiming to be a Muslim or any non-_______ claiming to be something else.  The message that needs to be heard is that of standing together against mistreatment, abuse, segregation and discrimination that devalues the life of any person of any race, religion, gender, culture, class or orientation.  You have an important message, Mr. Michael Moore, but #weareallmuslim is not the way to go about it and not what any of us really mean.

Uniformity that ignores differences is powerless.  Unity in diversity is powerful.

#unityindiversity   #loveyourneighbor

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