My hope is built…

So, the election is over. Having seen both campaigns over the last several months and having seen both of them will display their weaknesses, their shortcomings, and the ways in which they fall short (and yes, both campaigns fell far short of the ideal), I’ve come to realize that there might just be one statement only that truly fits in a time like this – –

“My hope is built on nothing less

Than Jesus Christ and righteousness

When all around my soul gives way,

He then is all my hope and stay 

On Christ the solid rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand 

All other ground is sinking sand.”

If our hope is in our president… Then, we are ultimately misguided.

If our hope is in this nation… Then, we are ultimately misguided.

If our is hope is ultimately in our economy, our national security, our healthcare system, or anything else…then we are in a bad place.  

All of these things come and go, shift and sway, and continually turn, bend, and reverse course.  What one party complains about incessantly when they are not in power becomes perfectly acceptable when they are suddenly find themselves with the advantage.  We’ve all seen it for far too long.  When these things as are our markers of hope, we find ourselves always in search mode, always looking for a better option, and continually living in the shadow of an elusive hope that never quite seems to come.

Whenever hope is sought after in our political system, our president, or in the ever shifting landscape of politics, we are bound to be disappointed, often left wanting. True, full, and lasting hope lies elsewhere.  Only when we have found it can we take an imperfect elected leader, support them as the leader of our nation and, In spite of their flaws and shortcomings, come together as one nation, indivisible.  

Originally posted 2016-11-24 18:57:00.

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