Morning prayer


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Heavenly Father, God Most High, Most Holy, Most Loving

Jesus Christ—Messiah—the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Holy Spirit-our Strength, our Comfort, our Helper and Guide.

Almighty, Triune God

Your name is holy and worthy to be praised above all others.

You are perfect in love and in all your plans and purposes.

We bow before you today with humble, thankful hearts.


Let your kingdom rule in my body, my relationships, and my world.

Let love and mercy be the starting point of everything I do.

Let justice and truth be always on my mind and on my lips.

Let your grace, your peace, and your blessing flow through me daily.


I desire to walk close to you today, Lord.

In all things give me what I need and no more

Love & wisdom; Perseverance & courage; Guidance and direction

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your path.


Forgive me when I turn my back on you or hurt the people around me;

When I am less than loving, less than peaceful, and less than truthful.

And give me strength to truly forgive those who do the same to me.


Teach me to follow you more and more

To trust in you more and more

To listen to and obey Your Word more and more

Let my words be full of grace, seasoned with salt

Let my thoughts and actions be full of spiritual fruit:



Keep me from things that knock me down and pull me away from you

And when these things come, give me strength to stand firm.

For your kingdom is a kingdom of power, hope, and forgiveness.

Your way is the way of fullness and life.

In Jesus name…Amen.