Holy, Holy, Holy

Words:  Reginald Heber (1826)  /  Music:  John B. Dykes (1863)

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty

Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee

Holy, holy, holy merciful and mighty

God in three Persons, blessed Trinity

Holy, holy, holy, tho’ the darkness hide Thee,

Tho’ the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see;

Only Thou art holy–there is none beside Thee.

Perfect in power, in love, in purity.

A classic hymn and one of my favorites.

Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth–you are holy, three times holy!  May I rise every morning with prayer on our lips and in our hearts.  Sometimes the distractions and darkness of my situation (or, perhaps the world in general), keep me from seeing you.  But its not the darkness of the world at all; rather my own sin that keeps me from seeing you.  Because I rise in the morning and think about other things.  I go through my day focused on myself.  I lay down to sleep with worry and no peace.  The smallness of my love for you make me unable to see you even if you are always there.  My lack of love for others clouds my eyes…forgive me.  Forgive me.  Only you are holy…nothing else is worth what I lose from not looking full in your face.  You are perfect in power–I need your power in my life.  You are perfect in love–I need your love pour daily in to my heart by the Holy Spirit.  You are perfect in purity–let my focus, my life, my all be perfected and purified in you.  You are holy, three times holy!

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