1. Love this website stumbled upon it looking for something else to be honest. But it was such a blessing to stumble upon. I graduated from a Christian School in 1980. The Good Lord has blessed me in so many ways I have 2 children and 4 wonderful grands. I’ve always did my best to help ppl. And always did with a big smile. Three years ago I had several strokes and I tell ppl they were a blessing. Of course I’m always looked at strange then I just mile and say if it hadn’t been for my strokes I never would have known I had a big brain anuerysm. I am half blind from several strokes they say I had but I’m blessed to be able to walk and talk. I can only focus on half of something cause the strokes took the right side vision out of both eyes and I can remember 30 years ago but not thirty minutes ago but I keep smiling and laughing and talking to the good Lord daily cause I Kno he has a plan for me.


    1. Hi Mary, thank you for sharing your testimony. It is a special blessing to be able to have such perspective on life, especially the trials and difficult times. God bless you as you continue to walk with him and for him.


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