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Celebrating the “Christ Mass”

Celebrating the “Christ Mass”

“Keep Christ in Christmas!” “Jesus is the reason for the season!” “It’s OK to say Merry Christmas!” I get it.  Faithful Christians (and even some of the “twice-a-year” variety) get frustrated and upset about greetings and wordings that avoid using “Christ” and “Jesus” or other spiritually significant phrases.  So, they post comments like those above Continue reading Celebrating the “Christ Mass”


An MRI, which is essentially a picture of a persons insides–can reveal a wide range of problems that cannot be seen from the outside.  There might be symptoms and complaints but only the MRI can help shed light on what is happening and what the proper treatment may be.  Other time there may be no Continue reading MRI

California Shootings

When we look at this from human, this-world-only perspective then we have many reasons to be fearful, even desperate for retribution.  But those who walk with Christ have another perspective that informs their thoughts and actions. “O death, where is your sting?  O grave, where is your victory?” ~1 Corinthians 15:55 Source: California Shootings Originally Continue reading California Shootings