Being Dad

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 18.07.09I enjoy being Dad.

Catching my daughter on a tropical morning in the Philippines and giving her first bath.

Walking in endless circles with her through the night as she refused to sleep…

One her second birthday thinking to myself, “She’s 10% of the way to 20; hope this doesn’t go too fast.”

Catching my son on a snowy morning in Idaho and showing him to his grandparents.

Staying up at night worried because he was “too quiet.”

Visiting more than 20 U.S. states and 2 foreign countries in his first year!

It’s been a long time since those days.  Our son, who was eight months old when we moved to our new home in the “Spice Islands” will turn 8 this next December.  Our daughter is already taller than some of her former teachers and is quickly growing into a young woman.

How can that be?  Where has the time gone?
I’m not sure…but it’s going way too fast for my liking.

As a Dad, I’ve been far from perfect.  I know that.  I’ve made mistakes and there have been times that I wish I could have a “redo.”  I’ve been too busy, too grumpy and, at times, too distracted by other things.

But my kids love me.  They kiss me goodnight.  They say “I love you, Daddy” at some of the strangest and most perfect times.  They still want me to tuck them in at night and come watch them play soccer.  They want me to play cars and watch television with them.  They listen (sometimes) when I talk with them and are sometimes worried that I’ll be disappointed in them for something they’ve done…or not done.

I know this will change someday.  There will come a time when I’m no longer the coolest play-partner in town.  That’s normal, I suppose.  It’s the way it must be.  Yet I feel a little extra moisture in my eyes just putting that on paper…computer-screen-blog-paper, that is.  Yes, it must happen, but I hope not too soon.

Because being a Dad is fun.  And also hard…and stressful…and full of responsibility.  But fun nonetheless.  My one request is that, in the end I can look back and know that I did the best that I could with what I had and with what I knew.  I pray that what we do as parents will prepare our two “not-so-little-anymore” children grow up to be the people that God wants them to be.  But most of all, I just hope that they never stop saying, “I love you, Daddy.”

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