Be Generous With Your Smiles

Be a blessing to others every day … #1

There is a phrase in the local language where we live that literally means that someone “smiles generously” or is “easy to smile.”  Our little MJ is this.  In fact, if often seems as if her smile overwhelms her entire body as a her arms and legs begin to fling about and she turns her head as if to say, “Enough….I can’t take it…I’m so happy I think I might explode!” It’s quite funny to watch and it makes people very happy when they are on the receiving end of one of these smile explosions.

A smile is such an easy thing to do…and it’s completely free of charge!  As simple as it is, though, a smile is also a powerful tool for friendship and connection.  And a smile not given speaks more loudly than many of us realize.  A genuine, authentic smile cam makes someones day, lift them out of the doldrums, help them move past a difficult situation, or just give them a little extra joy in their day.

Be a blessing–be generous with your smiles.

Galatians 5:22-23; Philippians 4:31-32 

Originally posted 2018-10-09 15:40:22.

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