The artists job

“The artist’s job is to reveal the real nature of things through picture or story or song, to show the rest of us what is really there when we are content with the misleading surface of things. As Pope John Paul II has written, “Artists are constantly in search of the hidden meaning of things, and their torment is to succeed in expressing the world of the ineffable.” Through their work, in the words of the Vatican II document Gaudium et Spes, “the knowledge of God can be better revealed and the preaching of the Gospel can become clearer to the human mind.”
–DAVID MILLS, “Imaginative Orthodoxy: The Art of Telling the Christian Story” 

― Ian Morgan CronChasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale


  1. I love this quote. It applies to missionaries, construction workers, musicians, office workers, teachers, and writers. Each of us are artists when we create something new from what has been made. No matter what form our “art” takes, our highest goal should be to reveal our Creator’s immense love, and His saving grace offered to all through Jesus Christ.


    1. Excellent thoughts….the “artistic” tasks takes many forms. Thanks for pointing out that aspect of this quote.


  2. I like the first sentence. Thats why Jesus taught with stories. Liva


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