Do you every struggle with prayer?  I do.

Do you ever reach the end of a day and realize that you have yet to take a moment to pray?  I do, sometimes.

Why is prayer so hard?

Or maybe I’m the one that has become too hard, too busy, too distracted.

I want to pray and I need to pray…but I don’t pray.  Why?

I do pray.  All through the day I whisper quick prayers and I seek the Lord’s guidance and direction all without stopping to take a breath.   But those deep, intimate times of “fellowship in the Spirit” seem few and far between.


Edmond Sanganyado share on his blog “Grace Musing” that…

My guess is that they saw the link between Jesus’ extraordinary prayer life and His power, His teaching, His character, His whole person.

See the entire post here.  The people who followed Jesus saw that his life of power, his teaching, his character and everything he did was connected to his deep connection with the God that he referred to as “Father.”

What would my life look like if I had such a connection with God?

What might God work in and through me if I would stop and take the time to allow Him to speak to me, strengthen me and fill me with his Spirt?  What if I trusted him enough to trust that His strength was enough?

What would people see in me?

What would God do in me?

What would He do through me?


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