Willy Wonka’s Heaven

"If you had asked me this question when I was a second grader, I could have answered this question just as simply as my second grade math problems. “Sin is the problem and everybody is going to hell. Jesus came to offer forgiveness so I would not go to hell but to heaven.” Answering this question was like simple math, no art was needed. I imagine many Christians today might answer in a similar way. The goal of God’s mission is that Christians escape hell by going to heaven. As a second grader living in the United States, I imagined heaven, the escape from hell, as a sort of utopian version of Disney Land meets Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in Jamaica. While I do fully embrace the promise of heaven, I wonder if God’s healing and mission seeks something broader than simply my escaping hell and getting into a place where I get to satisfy all my desires, or at least eat lots of chocolate." ...  Keep reading

What if…

What if Peter, after turning his back, would not have come back to Jesus?  What if Peter just ran away never to be seen again or, even worse, had followed the path of Judas, and ended his own life?  What if Judas had not ended his life?  What if Jesus had the opportunity to stand face to face once again with Judas, as he did with Peter? ...  Keep reading