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To get the most out of life you must pour yourself out

Matthew and the other writers of the gospels reflect on what Christ did on the cross by also utilizing the image of being poured out. Modern practices of communion have focused on the communal consumption of the bread and juice. Unfortunately, pre-packaged wafers and communion cups do not carry with them the powerful image of the breaking of the bread and the pouring of wine—symbols of humility and sacrificial giving of himself—that are so important to remember and “see” regularly.

There is no one who knows God...

I wonder sometimes if there is a reason the Scriptures are given to us in large part as stories, poems, and letters rich with images, metaphors, and context-bound interactions between God and humanity. Perhaps there is a reason the Holy Scriptures are often unclear, imprecise, and sometimes even seemingly contradictory, leaving ample room for differences of thought and perspective.